released May 26, 2012



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L'ANTIETAM Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: DARK BREW
take this bottle and place it on your lips. i'll live the flat line. the wheel continues to slip faster. again we made it and i'm never slowing down. again today, again tomorrow. start it off off-guard.  i dont want your advice. you preach the life you live. i heard enough i heard it all. dead eyes but i'll try to take it all in one deep breath. another sip so i'll keep spinning. a short life is what i'm living so drink up. lay down these lines i've got to wake up. i've got to live wasted. 18 of 30 and i'm tasting my last breath. and i'm waiting but my turns up. i'm hitting hard but i'll come down. i hope i'll never come clean. no matter how hard i'm tripping or dropping. i'll never come clean. i dont care what the fuck you could tell me i'll never come clean, breath deep. the deep end the deep flow. i hope i never learn to swim. i'll reach my limit when i'm dead. i'm living another day today which means i'm better off caught off guard. i know my time is far up hard. so step up and come in and take my hand. i'll guide you through my depths of. it's like i'm living for the first time. through another face thrown in a photograph that your picking out. i'm burning up. today i dont think i'll make it out. this ways another place to fucking throw it out. you'll make a pistol mouth a broken round. just take me out of here. you dont think so? well i dont think you'll be able to want to wait for irony. you think you're living for the dream but you're just faking it. still clearly, you want to place you far from hear. the frozen view can cloud it up but now i think that your just milkin' it. but i'll keep drinking it. and i'll keep watching you fall down hard and i'll let your pistol explode.